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Primetag is a tool for modern agencies who get that Influencer Marketing has to be done in today’s market, and has to be done well.

Work less
To do more

Your time is precious: save it.

  • The campaign reports are a click away
  • All the information you need already centralized
  • Fully-automated content clipping

This is the streamlined process your team dreams of when they’re filling in spreadsheets.

Win new accounts.

  • Avoid audience overlap to maximise influencer reach
  • Provide accurate numbers for influencers' share of voice
  • Deliver industry benchmarks

You know: the unusual.

Set yourself apart.

With more spare time and a more powerful tool in your hands, you have all that you need to pitch Influencer Marketing to new clients.

Do more for your clients. They’ll do more for you.

Turn clients into evangelists

When clients see better results and more accurate reports, they will see the potential of Influencer Marketing. You can help them realise a bigger investment will result in exponential growth.

New services create new income sources

Our range of complementary services (like the audit tool, or market studies) are truly useful to any marketing department.

Deliver consistent ROI – Return On Influence

Better data and insights produce better forecasts and results. Which means a better Return On Influence for you and your clients - the new ROI.

Be the smartest player on the field.

Unlock exclusive knowledge

Gain access to exclusive metrics, transparent analytics and readable data to make you understand the market better than everyone.

Open the door to closed-door Events

Gain access to exclusive industry conferences, talks and networking opportunities with top influencers, brand managers and CMOs.

Know what’s hot and what’s not

Primetag produces its own reports and white papers to keep you up-to-date with the latest statistics, trends and best practices.

These amazing companies use Primetag to manage their influencer marketing collaborations